Shimadzu liquid chromatograph working principle and product features

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Shimadzu liquid chromatograph is a common chromatograph product. It has the advantages of fastness and sensitivity. It mainly uses the difference of the distribution ratio between the two liquids of liquid-solid or immiscible, and separates the mixture first. Today we mainly introduce the working principle and characteristics of Shimadzu liquid chromatograph, hope to help users better apply the product.

      Shimadzu liquid chromatograph works:

      Shimadzu liquid chromatograph consists of a mobile phase storage liquid bottle, an infusion pump, an injector, a column, a detector, and a recorder. The overall composition is similar to gas chromatography, but many adjustments are made to the characteristics of the mobile phase as a liquid. . The mobile phase in the reservoir is driven into the system by a high pressure pump. The sample solution enters the mobile phase through the injector and is loaded into the column (stationary phase) by the mobile phase, since each component in the sample solution has two phases. Different partition coefficients, when moving in two phases, after repeated adsorption-desorption distribution processes, the components have a large difference in the moving speed, and are separated into individual components and sequentially flow out from the column. When passing through the detector, the sample concentration is converted into an electrical signal and transmitted to the recorder, and the data is printed in the form of a map.

      Shimadzu liquid chromatograph product features:

      1. Fast speed. Usually one sample is analyzed for 15~30 min, and some samples can be completed within 5 min. 2, high sensitivity - UV detector up to 0.01ng, fluorescence and electrochemical detector up to 0.1pg. 3, high resolution - - can choose the stationary phase and mobile phase to achieve good separation effect. 4. The column can be used repeatedly. One column can separate different compounds.

      5, the sample amount is small, easy to recover one sample after the column is not destroyed, can be collected single-component or prepared.


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