Analyze the application area of Agilent gas chromatograph

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Analyze the application area of ​​Agilent gas chromatograph
First, indoor environmental testing industry packaging factory, paint factory, building material product quality testing center, indoor air testing company, construction engineering quality inspection and testing station, environmental testing station, etc. need gas chromatograph to analyze air quality, material quality and so on.
Second, the tobacco and alcohol industry cigarette factory, winery, liquor factory, brewery, brewing company, food factory, beverage factory, honey factory, etc. need to use gas chromatograph to analyze the content of the specified composition of different foods.
Third, scientific research and institutions product quality supervision and inspection, research institutes, design institutes, technical colleges, university chemistry department, agricultural quality monitoring center, termite control research institute, gas company, organic chemical institute, water plant, * system, etc. Need gas chromatograph analysis, detection, research.
4. Petrochemical industry pesticide factory, pharmaceutical factory, agrochemical company, fine chemical industry, biochemical industry, petrochemical industry, liquefier plant, gas plant, gas plant, coal industry, daily chemical industry, grain and oil company, etc. .
5. The medical and health industry judicial identification center, pharmaceutical factory, hospital, disease control center, etc. also need to use the gas chromatograph.
The use of Agilent gas chromatograph:
Environmental protection: analysis, monitoring and research of trace toxicants in polluted areas such as atmospheric water sources;
Biochemistry: clinical applications, pathology and toxicology studies;
Food fermentation: analysis and analysis of trace components in bio-beverages;
Chinese and Western medicines: analysis of raw material intermediates and finished products;
Petroleum processing: analytical control and ore-control research in petrochemical, petroleum geology, oil composition;
Organic Chemistry: Compositional research and production control in the field of organic synthesis;
Health inspection: analysis and research on labor protection public hazard detection;
Science: Military Detection Control and Research.


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