Tips you should know about cleaning vials

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If the cost is sufficient, the vial will be new every time. If it is to be reused, the cleaning method is also very important. First, soak it in strong oxidizing cleaning solution for 24 hours, then wash it with deionized water three times under ultrasonic conditions, then wash it once with methanol, and dry it. The bottle mat must be replaced with a new one, especially when analyzing pesticide residues, it must be changed, otherwise it will affect the quantitative results. You can also choose the following correct ways to clean the vial.

Option One

1. Drain the sample solution in the chromatographic sample bottle.

2, all immersed in 95% alcohol, ultrasonic washing 2 times, then dry, because alcohol easily enters the 1.5mL vial, and can be mixed with most organic solvents to achieve.

3. Pour into clear water and wash twice with ultrasound.

4. Drain the inner washing solution and bake at 110 °C for 1~2 hours. Be careful not to bake at high temperature.

5. Cool and save.

Option II

1. Soak with methanol (chromatographically pure) and ultrasonically clean for 20 minutes, then dilute the methanol.

2. Fill the chromatographic sample vial with water, ultrasonically clean for 20 minutes, then drain the water.

3. Dry the chromatographic sample bottle.

third solution

1. Rinse the tap water several times.

2. Place in a beaker filled with pure water and sonicate for 15 minutes.

3. Change the water and then sonicate for 15 minutes.